A Walk to 74th Street

For the past two years, nearly every weekend I have walked to 74th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens. My preferred route is along 37th Ave.. It's just about 17 short blocks from my place -- and watching the neighborhood change along the way is like traveling several continents in just a few minutes.


Raleigh House Coop Jackson Heights

My place -- The Raleigh House co-op building on on 92nd Street and 35th Avenue.

Catholic Church in Jackson Heights on 93rd Street

This church has a good elementary school as part of it. On Sundays they ring bells that remind me of being back at college.


Barzola Bar and Restaurant Jackson Heights

This is nice bar and restaurant just a block away from the apartment.

My favorite Columbian Restaurant Jackson Heights

This Columbian restaurant, La Ruana Paisa is really solid. It's only a block away, and it's highly recommended for lunch or dinner. Priced right too.

Inside my favorite Columbian Restaurant

Inside La Ruana Paisa.

Grand Opening of New Columbian Bakery

La Colonias just opened up. It's only a block away from my apartment too. So far their cinnamon rolls and coffee is spot on.

The local bicycle shop

The local bike shop.

The local bicycle shop on the inside


90th Street / Elmhurst Subway Stop

This is the 90th street subway station. I take this when the trains aren't running express since it's a little closer. Some convenient places around too, like Buzzanca's bakery and B'Aries bakery, which is one of my top 3 bakeries in Jackson Heights.

B'aires Bakery

Expect a line in the morning, and sometimes late at night (mid-night to early morning) you can walk by and hear music Spanish music playing and the sound of pasteries being made.

B'Aires Inside

Don't forget to pick up an Argentine soda too -- chances are it's made with natural sugar.

Chinese Latino Criole Restaurant

Mi Estrella is pretty good Chinese Latina cooking. Le Jardin de China on Junction Blvd. is still the borough-wide winner in this category, but this place is not bad.

Local Hardware Store Jackson Heights Supply

Never be without that special dry wall sinker or drill bit.

Urubamba Peruvian Restaurant

On my list of places to try. It's supposed to be good.

Tomo Japanese Restaurant

This is very reliable Japanese food cooked by Chinese people. The miso ramen is recommended.

My Miso Ramen Noodles!!

Every bit as good as it looks.

La Nueva Bakery

This is hands down my favorite place to go in Jackson Heights. Every weekend there is a line practically out the door. From the steamed milk coffee to their custard filled pasteries, La Nueva is excellent. I also strongly recommend their cheese Danish. (The one without Guava jelly) It's got thick cream cheese on the inside and a lightly sweet honey glaze.

Inside La Nueva Bakery

The line is short today!

Cavalier Restaurant and Bar Jackson Heights

The Cavalier Restaurant is stuck in time. It's not my usual place, but there's something I really like about it.

Cafe La Nueva Jackson Heights

This La Nueva Bakery's grown-up brother -- the fancier Cafe La Nueva. I must confess, I have never actually had a sit down meal here. Probably because I am so content with the cheaper La Nueva Bakery.

Inside Cafe La Nueva Jackson Heights

The inside of Cafe La Nueva

Pasteries inside Cafe La Nueva Jackson Heights

Cafe La Nueva pasteries

Las Margaritas Bar and Restaurant Jackson Heights

Las Margaritas looks like a fun place to go for drinks and food. I have never been though.

Inside Las Margaritas

inside Las Margaritas.

Jackson Heights Health Food

This humble, but quite satisfactory, health food store has most anything I want.

Inside Jackson Heights Health Food


Organic Nuts and Grains in Jackson Heights

Organic nuts and grains

Rite Aid and office building on 37th and 83rd Street.

Inside the Jackson House Diner

The Jackson House diner. It's packed on weekend mornings.

Children's Place on 82nd Steet

The children's place on 82nd between 37th and Roosevelt.

Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor -- the Best!

This is one of my favorite diners anywhere. It's as old-timey and charming as the awning suggests. The kitchen sink sundae (which costs about $40) made them famous, but all fare is pretty solid.

Inside Jahn's Ice Cream Shop

Also, packed weekend mornings.


These fancy yogurt places are all over Queens now, each a little different, and all not too bad.

inside Yogurberry

$2.50 gets you a plain yogurt.

Italian farms

The best place to get sandwich meat in the neighborhood

Inside Italian Farms Jackson Heights

Lots of great imported stuff. Sometimes, I'll skip eating out and just buy food here instead.

Polish Meat and Bakery Shop

This odd, but quite convenient Polish deli is a treat. Good pasteries and meats await.

Sausages and Meats at the Polish Bakery

Mmmm. Pork.

Seba Seba

Inside Seba Seba. Very well priced, and a great intermediary step into Spanish food.

Inner Peace Gift Shop

Jackon Heights' very own fancy gift and toy shop.

Inside Inner Peace

A good place for last minute birthday party gifts.

Starbuck in the Queensborough Corp Building

This is the Queensborough corp building. They built most of Jackson Heights a long time ago. Now it houses an above average Starbucks.

Inside the Jackson Heights Starbucks

It may just be Starbucks, but hey, it's one of the nicer ones!

Novo Bar and Restaurant

Upscale after-work eatery. Also, on my list of places to try.

Inside Novo

They have a lively happy hour, bar crowd on occasion.

Lety Bakery and Cafe

Lety's is tied with La Nueva for best bakery. One of my daughter's first words was chocolate cannoli, and this place is why.

Inside Lety Bakery

A good place to relax. But leave the stroller outside because it's small!

Espresso 77

Cafe espresso is perhaps even smaller than Lety's, but it's a sign of the gentrifying times. They serve Gimme Coffee and some very good espresso drinks.

Mehfil Indian Food

Best buffet value for the buck. The food is very rich in flavor - the butter chicken is very buttery, and the selection of chutney and pickle sauces is outstanding.

Armondo's Italian Restaurant in Jackson Heights

Always wanted to go, but never did.

Best Argentinean Steak House in Jackson Heights

La Portena is a very good Argentinean steak house. The side dishes alone are enough for a big meal.

Inside La Portena

I love the inside of La Portena as well.

Kebab House

Also on my list of places to try.

Tibetan Restaurant

It's pretty new. Haven't tried yet.


Solid Indian bakery.

Best Buffet

This is the best late night or dinner buffet in Jackson Heights. The rice pudding here is always very good! The buffet is hidden in the back of the place though!

Indian Taj

Indian Taj looks fancier than Al Naimat, and is more expensive, but it's not as tasty.

Patel Bros Grocery

Patel Brothers grocery is a great place to pick up a bottle of mango lassi.

Patel Bros Grocery Inside

inside Patel Brothers Grocery

Jackson Diner

The famous Jackson Diner.

Inside Jackson Diner

Lots of tables. Gets full during lunch and dinner quick.

Dehli Heights Restaurant

This is probably the all around best lunch buffet in Jackson Heights. It's $10, but the food is excellent and you can eat lots without feeling like you've seriously harmed your body.

Bombay Behl Place

The back of this little store has some great Indian "snacks" as they call them. The Bombay Behl is awesome.

Bombay Behl Place Inside

Bombay Behl is like rice crispies mixed with hot sauce, onions, chick-peas lots of exotic masala seasoning. It's very good.

Sammy's Vendor Cart

Sammy's trophied vendor cart. The chicken over rice comes highly recommended. The lamb is very tasty too, but you should have a stomach for processed meat.

Zabb Thai

This dark and somewhat romantic Thai restauant has some very good food.

Tibetan Food

Try the salty butter tea. Come late and be prepared to wait. But the food can be very good.

Rainbow Chinese Bakery

The Chinese bakeries are trickling into Jackson Heights from Elmhurst and this a good thing. Rainbow Bakery is a fine place to eat.

Korean Restaurant

Good Bim Bim Bap anytime of the day

Thai Son

Not bad Vietnamese staples.

74th Street Subway Station Jackson Heights

Roosevelt and 74th Street Station

Prince Hof

Prince Hof -- night life for people who like to order beer by the pitcher.

Korean Chinese Place

Mi Dang is a well kept secret. The food is excellent. Great noodle soups.

Inside MiDang Chinese Place

Inside Mi Dang

Great Thia food

Sabay Thai has some very good dishes. It's never crowded, oddly. The Massaman curry is really good.

Pacific Chinese Grocery

My favorite Chinese super market -- Pacific Super Market.